Donations to The Luke Legacy are used to directly support the causes that Luke cared about. This consists of donations to his favorite charities, like the Somerville Homeless Coalition, via a Fidelity Charitable account.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to The Luke Legacy by sending a check or making a wire transfer. Please make checks payable to “Fidelity Charitable” and reference “The Luke Legacy” in the memo line (required), and send to:

Fidelity Charitable
P.O. Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053

To initiate a wire transfer, please provide the initiating bank with Fidelity Charitable’s wiring instructions below:

Wire to: JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York, NY
ABA Number: 021000021

For credit to: National Financial Services LLC
Account: 066196-221

For benefit of: Fidelity Charitable, Z97-000442

For further credit to: The Luke Legacy

OR, if you have a personal Fidelity Charitable account, you can make a direct transfer to The Luke Legacy account. All you have to do is call the Fidelity Charitable Service Team at 800-952-4438, let them know your account number and that you’d like to make a transfer to The Luke Legacy (Account no. 1117394).

Thank you for your support!
Once you have donated, please add to the Honor Roll by leaving your name in the comment box below.

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